Thursday, November 04, 2004

act like you've been here before 
A good friend of mine made the comment last night, regarding the outcome of the election, that she felt as though “a family member had died.” That comment made me stop for a second, and think about the current relationship between liberals and conservatives. During this election season, liberals appeared to have one stance: “Bush lied, Kids Died”. That is to say, their only position was the defeat of W. And to accomplish this goal, they chose as their representative, JFK II. A lot of liberals opened up their heart and souls to this man. They put their trust and hope into his hands that he could defeat W. During every speech, during every debate, they lived vicariously through Kerry. Hundreds of Thousands of volunteers had poured their heart and soul into the Kerry campaign. This was their guy. This was their “Jesus”. The one to deliver them to the Promised Land after so many years in the desert. So much was riding on Kerry’s defeat of W, that a defeat of Kerry was unimagined. And so was the case Tuesday evening. A Kerry defeat unimagined.

I watched the election results with a group mainly comprised of conservatives, but a couple of liberals were there. And as the results came in, it was clear to me that a defeat had never been discussed nor imagined. And not only by my friends, but nationwide. As the evening wore on, the shock set in. Kerry was in trouble. Unimaginable. A victory had been a “sure thing”. The exit polls predicted a huge victory. This can't possibly be happening. In the end, after the endless hours of volunteering and investing so much of oneself into Kerry’s campaign, I have no doubt that it felt like a family member had died. I think that is an important point. This was a very contentious election. Our nation was very divided. It truly doesn’t matter that liberals caused the division by their pure hatred of W. None of it matters. All that does matter is that at this moment, I’m sure tears are still being shed. The true bitterness of defeat is still setting in. The haze has not yet begun to retreat.

And in these times of liberal sorrow, I think it’s very important that the ideological victors not be brash and crude. Compassion must shine through. If you have a friend or coworker that supported Kerry, just remember that the opportunity to rub in a victory is not worth losing a friend. In our age demographic (18-29), politics is taken very seriously. It’s often seen as a matter of life or death. So just think twice before opening your big mouth in the next few days. You’ve got four years to gloat, take your time. As is often said in the world of sports: Act like you’ve been here before.
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