Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Those liberals sure are open-minded 
And to prove my point that liberals are very open-minded people, I will direct your attention to Madison, Wisconsin. Some of these open-minded people decided to burn Swastikas in the yards of a few folks that had Bush/Cheney signs and posters outside of their homes. Are these actions supposed to indicate that Bush and Cheney are Nazis? Because I fail to see the connection. Or are we supposed to assign the title of Nazi to the homeowners who support Bush? I’m confused.

The citizens of Madison, being one of the few remaining bastions of liberalism, should be all about diversity and understanding. But that seems not to be the case. And it seems to prove my point all along that liberals don’t really want true diversity. They want their “diversity”. Diversity of ideology is, in the liberal’s opinion, is not truly diversity. But how so? Aren’t liberals supposed to be all about peace and love? How does putting swastikas in yards promote liberal ideology? The liberal cannot defend his views by logic and facts, he must turn to name calling and mudslinging. You can’t argue in favor of your position, so you burn Swastikas into the yards of those you disagree with.
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