Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Stopping republicans by force 
So the liberal thugs in Tennessee, Florida, and Wisconsin tried to disrupt Republican campaign efforts yesterday. These wackos targeted republican campaign headquarters. They all drove up to the office together, and stormed the offices. They danced on the desks, destroyed what they could get their hands on, and yelled into a bullhorn. Well, now isn’t that cute. They can’t argue and defend their positions with logic and fact, so they attack the people the leftwing hatemongers have told them are responsible for their problems.

So in West Allis, Wisconsin, these wacko-leftists attacked the Milwaukee republican headquarters. The volunteers in the office were, momentarily, overcome by the “shock and awe” of the attack (pic). After regaining their composure, the volunteers told the wacko-leftists to get off the desks, put down the bullhorn, and get the hell out of the office. These crazy people kept dancing around, defacing campaign materials, and shouting on the bullhorn. Finally, after about fifteen minutes, these wackos got tired of trashing the office (or about the time the effects of the joint they smoked on the bus started to wear off) and they left.

The cops were never called. Why? I don’t know, but if someone had just run into my office and started trashing the place, I’d have called the cops. But that’s their prerogative.

It seems that the AFL-CIO (democratic party) was responsible for at least the attacks in Wisconsin and Florida. Chanting something about overtime pay. Whatever. Trying to destroy Bush’s campaign headquarters doesn’t get your message across. Which I guess just proves my point all along: union members are dumb thugs that cannot think for themselves.
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