Sunday, October 10, 2004

Leftwingers and Third Parties 
Milwaukee has an abundant source of liberal propaganda available for consumption. These little weekly, or monthly, magazines provide an interesting insight into the might of the extreme leftwing. I feel its necessary from time to time to open up some of these magazines to and attempt to get into the heads of these wacko leftists (that is, without feeling all dirty when I’m done reading). So I picked up a copy of the “Vital Source” at the coffee shop on the Marquette Campus. The cover story is entitled “Anybody But Bush”. A few good quotes from the liberals around Milwaukee will awaken you to the thinking of the left. Matt Krystowiak states that “I think that if Bush isn’t funding terrorism, then by his foreign policy he’s spawning it.” Matt considers himself a Socialist, but is going to vote for Kerry to keep Bush out of Washington. Now Matt, I must ask you, do you really believe that the President is funding terrorism? Do you really believe that we pay the Islamic Jihadists to go around killing the dirty infidels? Do you really believe that we pay Palestinians in dirty nightshirts to kill Jews? Because if you do, you have been sadly misled by your Socialist leaders. And seriously, what kind of dedication do you really have to your political beliefs if you’re willing to vote for a Democrat but claim to be a Socialist. At least when I was a Libertarian, I voted for the Party. Because I believed in it.

In this same article, John Berard states his very strong feelings on the subject: “I’d rather see Satan himself on the throne of the presidency than George W. Bush.” Wow. Now THAT is conviction. However, I think it also demonstrates the sad state of the left. I’m yet to find one single lefty that can articulate to me the reasons s/he so opposes the current President. And I have a feeling that Mr. Berard could not do it either. These lefties get so riled up by their leaders because they hate Bush so much. But they don’t really like Kerry either. They don’t vote on principle, they vote on hate. They don’t have to know Kerry’s platform, they only need to be told that Bush is bad, and so they should vote for the other guy. If that’s case, then maybe you shouldn’t vote. If you can’t articulate a reason, other than “I hate Bush” or “At least Kerry isn’t Bush”, for voting against Bush, then yes, I don’t think you should vote. A vote should be a representation of your ideology; your convictions. And if Nadar embodies your conviction, your ideology, then great. Cast your vote for Nadar and the Greens. If the Libertarians are your cup of tea, don’t “cross over” to the big two parties, simply so that your “vote counts”. It counts no matter whom you vote for. Third parties will never grow if their members continue to be wishy-washy at the polls. I can only imagine the conversation a Green party member has with himself inside the polling booth: “I know I should vote Green. But I hate Bush. And if I vote Green, that only helps put Bush back in the Whitehouse. Ok, I’ll vote Kerry, but never again. After this election I’ll stick to my ideology and vote Green. But this election is too important and my vote must count. I’ll vote Kerry, but not tell anyone.” How one becomes so wishy-washy is beyond my comprehension.

In the end, if you’re willing to cast aside your ideology and vote against a candidate, not for an ideology, then you simply need to reevaluate your convictions. Why do you spend your time campaigning and canvassing for your Third Party candidates if in the end, you’ll simply vote against Bush, not for your ideology? After this election, no matter which of the Big Two parties wins, the Third Parties will continue to complain about the election process. But their real problems remain within their own camps. The real problem is with their member’s commitment and dedication to the cause. Without motivated and driven members that will to cast a vote for a cause, instead of against a candidate, the Third Parties will never be successful.

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