Sunday, October 10, 2004

Group Targets the "Kid" 
Not yet having graduated, and not yet having a job, I am a bit ambivalent about condemning the John Edwards portion of the Kerry/Edwards ticket. The main reason for liking Edwards, from a career-outlook perspective, is the fact that plaintiff's personal injury and medical malpractice attorneys (and their defense and insurance counterparts) are sure to make a killing if and when the "Kid" gets into office.

If I happened to land a job in one of these practice areas sometime before November 2nd, I would have to answer some tough moral questions: Would Kerry/Edwards now be the right choice to secure my family's financial future? Should I vote for these guys to secure my future career, trusting guys that get money (and votes) based on the stupidity of others?

But fear and avarice only got so far. Within seconds, I realized that even tolerating a guy like Edwards would place any self-respecting Republican or Libertarian on an equal philosophical plane with your average whining, sniveling teacher's union member. Come to think of it, pretty much every liberal group (unions, trial lawyers, welfare recipients, public employees--to name a few) completely depends on Kerry/Edwards-advocated handouts, or other unnatural regulations of the free-market, to be successful. Like their constituencies, these guys are bad news.

What got me thinking about all this in the first place was reading a news story ripping a new 527 group, The November Fund, that is currently conducting a campaign against trial lawyers generally and John Edwards specifically. They are about to start running an ad with a doctor who gives a testimonial claiming that Edwards and his counterparts have closed hospitals, put doctors out of business, etc.

In this not-too-subtle testimonial, the doctor is wearing ridiculous looking scrubs and delivering his monologue from a darkened operating room. For these reasons, the ad is sort of funny, in an unintentional way. Here's a link:

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