Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Warriors revisited? 
Just when I thought it was a lost cause. Finally, someone with a backbone and the forum to bring the ridiculous MU nickname change of '94 back into the public, has done just that.

Best of all, even the Jesuits haven't shot the idea down like they always do out of respect for their comrad, Al DiUlio.

Yet, while we celebrate the attention and discussion, liberals in the local press try to bury the issue and quickly respond with racist accusations upon Warrior supporters. It's entertaining to watch the Dale Hoffmanns and Joel McNallys of the world preach about how they are the only ones who are sensitive and compassionate to comment on the matter. We're unwashed heathens who should crawl back into our respective caves, apparently. Interesting that they are never able to engage in a discussion about the matter intellectually, and instead choose to "take the high road," where they can say they are more noble, and thus don't need to rationalize their perspective.

However, the public knows the change was a joke, DiUlio was a tyrant, and there was absolutely no reason to make such an irresponsible decision. Ten years have passed, and still the fire doesn't go out. Its time to bring back the Warriors.

Maybe it just makes too much sense.

Why Not Warriors?

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