Friday, March 05, 2004

Spring break begins in 10...9...8...7... 
Well, I haven't been posting much lately, and it's because I've been just to busy to think about it. But finally, I've climbed out from under most of my writing assignments; the rest of the semester looks downhill from here.

This morning we had the best weather since anytime after last fall. It had rained all night last night, so the ground was still wet and the air had that damp smell to it. As I left to walk to class, the cloud cover was solid, but they were textured, interesting clouds, and they weren't so thick that the sun wasn't bright. Even better, the dramatic return of the wind out of the west! It was a warm wind, and it blew strongly on my back as I walked to the school. It had a fresh, clean smell to it, and it was rapidly evaporating the wet and damp. Best of all, it was sweeping all the remaining dirt, salt, and other detritus of a messy, dirty winter away. It may yet get cold again before summer arrives, but the spring sequence has truly been initiated. I couldn't imagine better weather for the start of spring break. Everything seemed cleaned and refreshed.
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