Monday, February 09, 2004

I encourage all federalistas to vote for Howard Dean in the Wisconsin primary a week from tomorrow. As far as I know, there is nobody important to vote for in the primary on the Republican side. Therefore, a Dean vote will cost you nothing, but might screw things up for the Democrats by allowing Dean to get more press, raise money for ads, etc.--all of which he will use to CRITICIZE KERRY, the heir apparent, which will simultaneously achieve our objectives.

A vote for Dean will require Kerry to spend his time and effort to explain why HE isn't a complete tool of the special interests (which he is), while at the same time diverting his, and other liberals, attention away from Bush. It's a win-win situation and requires very little effort on our part, so......


p.s. Who knows? Maybe a strong Dean showing will inspire the greatest good of all, RALPH NADER, to join the race!
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