Thursday, February 12, 2004

How to wreck a comedy career: 
There are just so many things about this story worth commenting on.
BERLIN (Hollywood Reporter) - The Berlin Film Festival has gotten a much-needed shot of levity when Robin Williams turned the news conference for Omar Naim's sci-fi thriller "The Final Cut" into a free-association comedy routine.

Williams got the biggest laughs from the packed room of international journalists and critics on Wednesday when he started taking shots at the Bush government and its search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
I can't decide which I think is more likely - that international journalists and critics hate Bush so much that they think that it's the funniest thing (oh, THAT liberal media!), or that Robin Williams is now so unfunny that he can only make people laugh by making second-grade level jokes about things he doesn't really understand. The most likely answer, is, of course, both.
"Bush is complaining about a lack of intelligence, which seems sort of redundant," Williams joked.
How many ivy-league degrees does Robin Williams have? Oh, that's right. Apparently Mr. Williams' understanding of the issues is so deep that he's come up with the devestating critique of calling the President an idiot. Second-grade humor, meet second-grade analysis.
"They say they don't know if Iraq had any WMDs -- well, all they have to do is ask (Vice President Dick) Cheney for the receipts."
This is wrong, but at least it's short and pointless. I'm not sure what weapons Williams thinks Cheney sold to Saddam, considering that Cheney worked for an oil company. Maybe Williams was talking about the United States Government in general. In that case, he's still wrong. In fact, virtually no Iraqi weapons of any kind come from the United States, instead being provided by our good friends France, China, and Russia.

Maybe Mr. Williams should stick to impersonating black people and guys on quaaludes. Then I'd be laughing with him instead of at him.
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