Thursday, February 12, 2004

Allow me to introduce myself 
It is surely considered altogether untoward for one's first post to be of a less-than-substantive nature, but I will essay something more substantial in the near future, and, in view of this blog's nascent nature, I suppose this entry will be permissible. My name is Joe Hiegel, and I am here at the very kind invitation of Abe. I am a junior at the the University of Wisconsin-Madison where I major in political science and French, although I am currently taking a semester off, relaxing and working on the John Kerry campaign , inter alia. My politics are most ardently libertarian (although I typically vote for Democrats, for reasons on which I shall expound in my next post) and my judicial tendencies are toward textualism (Scalian--as to original understanding--rather than Borkian--as to original intent). My research interests lie in constitutional law (specifically with respect to the First and Fourteenth Amendments), law and economics, elections and voting behavior, English grammar, the history of the United States Supreme Court , and theories of the construction of government, so it should be expected that the majority of my posts will be of the categories supra. Should you have any off-blog comments for me, I can be reached via e-mail at duk1e@aol.com; I should look forward to hearing from all of you. Until tomorrow, when I shall return hither with a post on why libertarians and federalists should, in most cases, vote Democratic, in part a rejoinder to some previous posts--or at least to the presuppositions on which those posts rest--I wish you all well; I look forward to blogging here.
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